Transitioning from Mag Stripe to Smart Cards and Mobile Access

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The "Magration" From Magnetic Stripes to Smart Cards: The Future of Identification Card Technology

The student campus card (usually in the form of an ID card) is as universal a part of college life as textbooks, laptops and cramming for exams. On most college campuses students use their card to get into their residence hall, buy meals, take out a library book and gain access to other areas and activities. However, like anything else about college life, the campus card is evolving, and so are the access control products associated with it.

Mag stripe has been the predominant technology for the campus card for many years. The vast majority of campuses still use mag stripe card technology, but more and more are migrating to smart card credentials. Many universities are also investigating or implementing mobile access.

Magration: Seamless transition to higher security credentials

The "magration" from mag stripe card technology to smart cards and mobile access can be done easily and cost-effectively with IP-enabled PoE and WiFi campus access control locks from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT.  These locks feature HID® multiCLASS SE® technology combined with a magnetic stripe reader, offering multi-layered security and simultaneous support for multiple industry-leading credentials and HID Mobile Access powered by Seos®.