VingCard 6000 Model

Offering a full metal escutcheon and door monitoring, the VingCard 6000 provides extra features for added security.

The lock's three-tiered operating mode of passage, card only, or card-plus-PIN code offers the flexibility to tailor security from building to building, room to room, even door to door. The system uses a standard, high or low coercivity magnetic stripe card with card tracks 1 or 3 open for encoding. A manual key override is also provided for fail-safe backup in emergency situations.

The on-board memory allows you to control access privileges for cardholders down to the exact location and time of day. PERSONA™ has a unique Door Position Switch option, which monitors the position of the student’s door. The auxiliary latch bolt is monitored electronically in the lock, which enables the detection of the door position during the time of the event, when audited. This latch detects and records if the door has been propped open and for what length of time.

The Door Position Switch feature is available as a full mortise solution, which also provides full deadbolt functionality (optional). As more than 95% of all current and scheduled PERSONA installs are full mortise solutions, product pricing is significantly more cost effective.

  • Complete lockset.
  • Stand-alone, battery operated lock; no need for expensive wiring.
  • Unique LifeSafety cylinder — a recodeable, emergency-only override.
  • Auxiliary latch and casehardened, steel deadbolt with full 1-inch throw, 3⁄4" latch.
  • 3-hour UL fire rating for maximum security and safety.
  • Stainless steel keypad.
  • All electronics and batteries mounted in inner escutcheon on secure side of door.
  • Extremely robust, high quality brass escutcheons reinforced by a steel plate for added security.
  • Monitored LifeSafety cylinder, deadbolt, latch and auxiliary latch to detect door position.
  • Keycard read upon removal ensuring that keycards are not left in the lock.
  • Different cylinder options: SARGENT KESO, ASSA, MEDECO
  • Available without keypad
  • ADA compliant.


System Capabilities

  • Locks: 65,536
  • Password: 4 - 12 characters
  • Max system users: 1,048,576 (with individual door assignment)
  • Time schedules: 250
  • User groups: 250
  • Access points: 80 per keycard