VingCard 3700 Model Remote Controller

The PERSONA Remote Controller is for doors where the lockset cannot be used. A relay output controls magnetic locks, electric strikes, revolving doors, electric sliding doors, door openers, vehicle entrances/barriers, or other units.

The product allows you to control access privileges for cardholders, down to the exact location and time of day. On-board memory tracks who entered where and when, and if a door was propped, how long it remained open. A three-tiered operating mode of passage, card only, or card-plus-PIN code offers the flexibility to tailor security from building to building, room to room, even door to door.

  • Robust housing. Available for surface or flush mounting.
  • Available in different finishes.
  • Keycard read upon removal, ensuring that keycards are not left in the lock.
  • High quality brass escutcheon reinforced by a steel plate for added security
  • Heating element and weather-proof housing for outdoor mounting
  • Relay board with all connections on secure side of door
  • Connects to alarm and CCTV systems
  • Stainless steel keypad


System Capabilities

  • Locks: 65,536
  • Password: 4 - 12 characters
  • Max system users: 1,048,576 (with individual door assignment)
  • Time schedules: 250
  • User groups: 250
  • Access points: 80 per keycard