SARGENT Launches Power over Ethernet Campus Access Control Solution

The Passport 1000 P1 Utilizes Existing Wiring for Power and Data

SARGENT takes campus access control to the edge of the network with the new Passport 1000 P1 Power over Ethernet (PoE) hardware. Passport P1 connects to a facility’s Ethernet network with standard cabling, and provides full online access control even when the network is unavailable.

The P1 offers magnetic stripe and PIN code technologies for dual credentialing, or mag stripe or pin alone, to provide customized access control. Existing magnetic stripe cards can be used to operate the lock, enabling campuses to integrate the Passport 1000 P1 locksets into their one-card system. The PERSONA Campus software integrates seamlessly into transactional and housing systems platforms allowing easy enrollment of access control privileges and eliminating the need for separate databases.

Because the P1 is an online system, campuses can communicate with the locks and change user access rules and review event logs in real time to ensure the security of the facility. The network cable connection provides both power and reliable data communication with the lock and complies with IEEE 802.3af specifications; no additional power supplies are needed.

Other features of the Passport 1000 P1 include real-time door status monitoring, a 10,000 event transaction history/audit trail, a Request-to-Exit sensor and the capacity to accommodate up to 2,400 unique credential IDs per lock.

This ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 lockset is available in mortise lock, cylindrical lock and exit device configurations.