Offers a One Card Campus Access Control Solution

New Haven, CT -- The SARGENT Passport 1000 lockset, available in offline and WiFi-enabled versions, is an electronic locking system that operates with powerful PERSONA™ Campus software. The Grade 1 lock utilizes magnetic stripe and PIN code technologies for dual validation and customized individual access to facilities.

This lock and software combination seamlessly integrates into a One Card solution system providing comprehensive, economical access control for campus housing and facilities. The PERSONA Campus 1000 software works with most existing magstripe card systems and imports student or personnel information without duplicating existing databases. Administrators can encode key cards quickly and easily with the Conference Guest Wizard feature.

The Passport 1000 PG offline version provides stand-alone access control without wiring. Data transfer between the lock and PC is accomplished through LockLink PDA. The PG accommodates up to 1,200 users per door and a 700 event transaction trail. The software can accommodate over one million users with individual door assignments, 250 time schedules, 250 user groups, 80 access points per keycard, override unlock codes, and an audit trail recording.

The Passport 1000 P2 version features WiFi technology that enables the lock to connect wirelessly into an access control system. The P2 can operate indefinitely without any wireless connection to a host server or access control panel. The lock itself stores 2,400 local users and 2,400 events and will communicate with the server over an existing 802.11 b/g network. The P2 lockset features live alarm reporting with optional SMS / emailing capability.

Both the WiFi and offline version of Passport 1000 are offered with SARGENT’s premium line of hardware.  10 Line cylindrical lock, 8200 Series mortise lock and 80 Series exit device configurations are available.   All have been tested to exceed ANSI/BHMA A156.2, A156.3, A156.13 and A156.25 requirements for Grade 1.

For more information or a personal demonstration, contact PERSONA at 1-800-481-8464.