PERSONA offers world class campus locking solutions

Protect Your Students, Faculty and Staff

In an age of increasing violence and crime among younger and younger segments of the population, security is becoming a more critical issue for educational institutions than ever before. Administrators and security personnel are working diligently to prevent and reduce incidence of crime committed on their campuses. Thankfully, PERSONA™ offers a unique, cost-effective access control solution that dramatically increases the level of security at educational facilities, providing peace of mind for students and parents, as well as for faculty and staff.

PERSONA™ is an intelligent Stand-Alone electronic locking system that utilizes magnetic stripe or Smart Card technology, as well as an optional PIN code keypad for maximum protection. This unique dual access system was developed to add a new dimension of security to the basic keycard locks being used on many campuses. Although magnetic stripe technology allows the convenience of using existing student/faculty ID cards to double as keycards for the locks, these ID cards usually include a name and/or photo, meaning that the card can be associated with a student housing facility, classroom or faculty office. This may create a security concern whenever a card is lost or stolen. When the lock is also equipped with keypad, however, the card is rendered useless without the
corresponding PIN code needed to complete the unlocking process. Replacement cards can be issued quickly, easily and inexpensively, eliminating the security and maintenance costs associated with changing locks or cylinders.

PERSONA’s user-friendly Campus™ software is Windows- based and can be easily integrated with most student/faculty data-bases. It can be customized for each individual school and is flexible and expandable. The software can be used at one workstation or networked to several, allowing keycards to be encoded at more than one location.

One of the most important features of the system is the ability to issue limited access keycards, specifying exact locations, days or times of access to a particular lock by one individual or group.

For example, a member of the school’s maintenance staff may be issued a temporary key with a 30-minute time window for access into a classroom or faculty office area, allowing just enough time to complete the work needed. After its expiration time, card is no longer valid. There is also a timetable built into the lock itselfs.

For example, the front door to an administrative area may be programmed to remain in passage mode from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. At 5:00 p.m., the lock will automatically lock and remain locked until the following day. At that point only individuals with keycards that are encoded to allow access after 5:00 p.m. would be granted access.

PERSONA’s advanced audit trail capability allows administrators to determine when, where and by whom access was requested, and whether or not it was granted. It also details lock events, such as door position, deadbolt use and use of the mechanical over-ride, providing a clear picture of the
events at the door at any given time. Reports generated by the system include the Door Access Report, that shows who has access through a given door and when; the Keycard Holder Access Report, which shows which doors a specific key-card holder has access to; the System Events Report,
that sorts events by user or by time, and the Keycard Expiration Report, that flags expired cards and lists expiration dates of others.

Remote readers are also available from PERSONA™ for exterior doors or parking gates. All external parts of PERSONA™ locksets and remote readers are metal, so there are no plastic parts to be tampered with. For additional security, the power supply, control module and card reader are mounted on the inside of the door. PERSONA™ is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, the world’s
leading manufacturer and supplier of locks and associated security products. PERSONA™ and its sister companies have up to date installed more than 4 million Intelligent Stand Alone locking solutions world wide.